I recently collaborated with an amazing Dallas-based artist, Josh Schoemaker.  I might be a little biased since he is my brother, but his artwork is truly inspiring.  I used an iPhoneX to create a stop-motion video that depicts Josh's creative process as he constructs a work titled "Everything In Its Right Place," which is apart of a series called "On A Friday." This is a collage collection tribute to Radiohead. This was the last work in the collection. 

You can view the entire "On A Friday" collection on


A man of superior talent will go to pieces if he remains forever in the same place.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart


I'm a firm believer in the continuous process of personal evolution in every aspect of my life. Continuing to learn, to create, to succeed, to fail, to be inspired, and in turn, inspire others. It takes courage to push yourself into new territory beyond the limits of yesterday's accomplishments.

So, I choose to wake up and take everyday in stride knowing that I am one step closer today than I was yesterday. I don't have a fear of failure as much as a fear of doing too little.

For me, success isn't defined by money or material worth, but success is about leaving your footprint. A friend of mine always said to me, "Leave a room better than when you found it."  I try to put that into practice in my personal, professional and creative life.